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Your best friend’s Perfect Meal Time Companion

All fur parents can agree that having a fur baby is one of the most fulfilling thing in the world. If you have a furry pet or ever hope to have one then you can start off with the right paw and get your furry buddy proper meal time arsenal to give your best bud a pawsome meal time!

The risk of our pets having spine, hips or digestive system problems are relevantly high, they can't pawsibly complain when they feel a wee bit of discomfort and that tiny discomfort can cause significant health problems in the long run. Better consider having your pet consume food from elevated feeding bowls as it causes less strain on their neck, hips, shoulders and joints and promotes better posture. Opt for bowls with stands and strategically designed pet bowls that are elevated, it won't only look sophisticated and cool it will also be very beneficial for your pet's physical well-being. Who would even enjoy a meal with necks craned anyway?

However, don’t forget that different kinds of pets will need different kinds of bowls to be able to drink and eat comfortably so be extra thorough in figuring out the right bowl for your pet! And of course, what’s more important than the bowl is what you fill it with anyway, so be sure to give them healthy food and treats! 

Pro tip: Pets, especially cats, prefer to have separate food and water bowls, this is due to their natural instincts to nor drink anywhere near their hunting space in the wild as it can be contaminated and unsafe so make sure to give your fur buddy a designated container that separates food and water.