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Wishing you A Happy New Year

Gray Short Coated Dog Sitting Around Confetti

The end of the year is just around the corner and the beginning of a new era is in store for you! While we sulk in the joy and loudness of the beautiful year ahead, it is not exactly the same for our furry little ones. The popping and colorful explosives are only fun for us humans but it can be so traumatic for your beloved fur balls so make sure to be prepared for that!

Make sure your pet is physically active


The stress your pet gets from the loudness of new year's eve can be very daunting, especially when they are not physically fit to begin with. So before the year ends, make sure to engage your pet with some extreme physical activity, long walks, long runs along the field, anything that can get them riled up and equipped for the very stressful event of the year.

A safe haven

If you put your pet outdoors like most owners do, this time of the year might not be the best time for that. Make sure to dedicate a confined space for your pet to stay for the night, away from the garishness. 

Be with them

The best way to keep your pet calm and soothed during this very stressful time of the year for them is to simply be with them. Dedicate a timetable with a thorough schedule on when you'll check up on your dog and also make sure to give them something to be preoccupied with, may that be a toy or a soothing pillow or blanket.

Pro tip: Dedicating a space specially for your pet also avoids the hazard of them reaching for something poisonous or unsafe such as firecrackers and other hazardous new year's eve staple.

Have a swell and enjoyable new year's eve all while being a responsible pet owner!