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Why Ginger Cats the fattest of all cats~ 🐱

Cats are found almost everywhere, in cities and the countryside, rest assured that you’ll find some of our furry friends walking along or looking at you from afar. They are endlessly charming creatures regardless of their age, size, breed, or colour. However, there is something unique about orange tabby cats that no one can explain. But hold on to your seats because you're about to learn about ginger cats! 

Our furry orange cats are proven to be always the fattest and biggest of all domestic cats, as they are not picky eaters, have excellent digestion and were indeed born with a large stomach. Feeding them enough and comfortably is essential to keep them big and healthy but not obese, this pet bowl will certainly help you with all of that!

Our fluffy cats get bored too and when they do they most likely eat what they could find, so playing and bonding with them are important to keep them from overeating! 

Choosing a bed for your chonky ginger cat may be a little challenging because of their build, so the safest way to let them sleep comfortably is by finding a sleep mat that will keep them warm and cozy on the floor.

It is pointed out that ginger cats are mostly male due to the genes connected to their orange coat! And male cats are generally bigger than most of the cat population making tabby cats one of the fattest~

DID YOU KNOW? Male cats are proven to be more affectionate than female cats!

Tabby cats are playful, and social, and are said to be genuinely affectionate to their hoomans. Keeping them distracted when doing chores or getting work done is a must so they don't get bored. Toys they can play with by themselves will do the part, like this cat toy that will surely distract them for hours of fun! 

We all love for our cats to be fluffy and cuddly but always make sure that they are still within the healthy weight and not obese~ So make sure to keep your ginger cats healthy as these non-picky eaters will devour any food! 😽😽😽