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Valentine's day tips for fur parents

White and Beige Persian Cat Beside Red Rose

Heart's day is the day for all things sweet, may that be loving or your favorite treats! Although the latter is fun and delectable for us humans, it can sometimes be deadly to our beloved fur babies! Valentine's day is a lovely day for folks in love but it can be quite a day of grim to pets. Keep reading so you can keep your fur baby safe and as happy as you are during such a dangerous day for them!




Apart from the conventional chocolates that the world collectively knows to be very harmful for pets, Xylitol is the sugarless sweetener used in many candies and gums. They make your favorite Valentine's day treats as impeccably-tasting as ever but it is extremely deadly to dogs and poisonous to cats as well even in small amounts! So no matter how much your pet purrs or gives you their cute begging eyes, never share your heart's day treats to your furr little one!


Lovely bouquets 


Who knew something so beautiful can be so deadly? The good news is, not all flowers are harmful to pets but make sure to keep your treasured bouquet away from them just for good measure. We all know how curious our pets get!


Candlelit dinner


An open flame and a free range pet is a recipe for a Valentine disaster! Apart from that, some scented  candles that are soothing for our senses can cause irritations to our pet's sensitive noses.




Don't just toss that lovely ribbon to the floor when unwrapping your heart's day gift! Make sure to dispose of them properly, your curious pet might just get very curious and find themselves in a tangle (literally) or worse, they might find themselves choking on those ribbons!