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Top 10 Brilliant Home Decor Ideas

Black Steel Welcome Hanging Signage

Whether you just moved into a new home or you simply want to give your old home a brand new touch, these brilliant decor ideas will amp up your home!

1. Start with the front door

Apart from your lawn or front yard, your front door is where your guests are welcomed. It also suggests what aura your home radiates so better start off with a warm welcoming piece of decor like an adorable doormat or decorative statues that can fill up the empty space by your door to show just how filled and welcoming your home is.

2. Keep your living room alive

Give a breath of life to your living space! You can do that by adding a few decorative elements like a statement rug or other decorative statues to accentuate your center table.

3. Hooks

Make sure to decorate your walls with a subtle yet bold statement that shows your interests. A statement decorative hanging hook is a perfect way to go for a practical and aesthetically pleasing decor.

4. Doormats

If you live in a home with numerous rooms that means you've got more chances to decorate doorsteps! A statement doormat is a practical decor and a cost-effective way to add warmth to our home. They aren't just preventing the dirt from entering your home, doormats also act as the perfect decorative element.

5. Tableware

You can be decorative even with your meal time arsenal. Make sure to pick out high quality ceramic tableware that is both artistic and functional so it has two practical functions in one! 


6. Empty walls

Make any plain wall go from boo to yahoo and add a bit of pizzazz to your walls with decorative art pieces, paintings and even tapestries.

7. Shelves

Add a dash of style to your plain shelves and experiment with fun bookends. You can also add ornament statues that doubles as a unique paperweight at your shelves for a more stylish shelf look.


8. Bathroom

You can add a pop of color to your bathroom without major renovations by strategically decorating with shower curtains. Get statement shower curtains that show your interests in a bold and fun way!


9. Bedroom

While bedroom decor is a very personal and intimate thing there can be a general way to make your bedroom go from nay to yay and that is by improving your beddings! It is a win-win move, you get a cool decorative statement set of beddings and you get a cozier place to get snug in.


10. Plants

And last but not the least, plants. Plants give a breath of life to absolutely any space around your home so make sure to generously scatter a few accents of greens in your house with efficient and decorative planters.