" " The best gift is a gift of a good night sleep and to do that: Give you – Datewithpet

The best gift is a gift of a good night sleep and to do that: Give your pet a cozier place to sleep!

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Your teeny fur baby has finally overgrown his pet bed and now it's time to get him a brand new one where he can catch some good zzzs and dream on each time he takes a nap. If you want to know what pet bed is the best for your pet, keep reading!


Pet Mat

If you live in a quite hot place, keeping your pet as fresh and breezy as possible is a total must! opt for open beds or classic pet mats. This type of pet bed provides a space that is cozy enough and breathable for your furry little ones. 


Enclosed Pet Bed


You can go for an enclosed pet bed if you live in a fairly cold space or if your pet can easily get cold. Tiny breeds are more susceptible to cold so make sure to give your teeny pets a warm and cozy place to catch some zzzs on! An enclosed pet bed is very recommended for cats since they naturally want to hide and seek shelter. With an enclosed space, they will feel more safe, secured and will therefore have the best sleep they possibly can!


Fluffy Pet Bed

Soft and plush pet beds are highly recommended for senior pets. As your pets age, their joints are starting to get fragile, so laying down on hard places can cause them excruciating pain! Just imagine trying to sleep with your bones hurting, the worst! We advise getting an open fluffy bed, it is the middle ground of having a mat and an enclosed bed and it provides an efficiently snug place for your pet to rest on.


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