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Paw-ssion for Paw-shion (Passion for Fashion)


Shopping for a new look? Can’t decide what your new peg should be? When in doubt, it’s always safe to go for kawaii!

Us pet parents just can't help to be like a proud mama hen when it comes to having and raising our fur babies and what better way to boldly show off our love for all things cat than with a fashion statement!

Upgrade your wardrobe and make it go from flawsome to pawsome with a few cat-themed fashion pieces we have in store. Sometimes, saying how much we love our fur babies isn't enough so better dress up with a cool feline-themed clothing and let your fashion speak for itself! Sure, rocking a sleek button down with turndown collar is dapper but why be just dapper if you can also be kawaii! Add a bit of spice and dress to purrfection with unique and adorable feline print patterned shirts, this is definitely an off-fur cat lovers simply can’t re-fur-se! Who knew you can rock a cat-inspired blouse on a formal setting? That is totally Incatceivable! A smart-casual cotton blouse with subtle animal-inspired design is what your wardrobe need to match your Purr, queen, purr attitude! 

Rocking these cool feline-inspired fashion pieces would be like strutting around with your dearest fur baby all day long making it a total must-have for cat lovers and kawaii lovers as well! A bang for the buck and a banger for your OOTD!