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National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

We all love our furry cats to be healthy, fuzzy, and of course, chunky when we hug them. We spoil them with treats whenever we have time and we prepare food for them with the goal of giving them all the nutrients they need in mind. One might think that feeding their pets nonstop is a good thing but our cats are also prone to obesity which puts their paws in line of danger. Being aware that your cat is obese once they have far exceeded the average amount for cats is the time you need to start changing their diets and giving them exercise.

You read that right! Cats also go on a diet and exercise once they are 10 to 20 per cent higher than the average weight of cats they can be considered as overweight and/or obese. Chunky cats are cute and adorable but being overweight can damage their health as this might help develop many other diseases that can shorten your cat’s life such as diabetes, certain types of cancer, metabolic diseases, and respiratory and heart diseases. 

To start the diet of your chunky Catto start by changing their food bowls to a shallow one, fill it with the right amount of food and the shallowness of the bowl will make it look like it is filled with great amounts of food. Change their food to canned ones or have a mix of both dry and wet cat food to achieve a nutritious meal yet still the right amount. 

Aside from changing their diet, having a little exercise is important for cats to lose weight. These furry balls of cuteness need to shake things up to shake off some excess fat. Try taking them out on a walk to the park or just outside your house, this way you are both helping each other be more active during the day. Helping your cat achieve a healthy body is a must for all fur parents, seeing them healthy and in one of those little hammocks that they could fit their bodies in will be so adorable. 

Spread awareness of the National Pet Obesity to other pawrents to help cats out of obesity!