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National Cat Lover’s Month.


December is not entirely about the Christmas season, on this very merry month, we also celebrate National Cat Lover’s Month! An entire month dedicated solely to our purr cuddly masters. So make the most of this month by showing your love and admiration for your kitty companions! Cats can be unpredictable, fiercely independent, and tough-to-tame creatures, but that's not all they can be, they’re also gentle, lovable, affectionate, friendly, enthusiastic, and engaging. Cats are frequently misunderstood and mistreated simply because many perceive them as distant and aloof. However, cats can actually be very playful and are wonderful friends.

To celebrate the month of our beloved felines, here are some tips to make December a month to remember! 

  •       Create memories by having a photoshoot with your cat!


All purr moms are guilty of having too many photos of their cats doing weird things on their phones, but having a photoshoot will surely be tons of fun for you and your cat! This can also be made into your Christmas card, to add more spice to the holiday season! And of course, doing a photoshoot means dressing your cat to fit the theme, and nothing is cuter than a cat wearing a costume like this winter deer cat costume to fit a winter-themed Christmas card!

  •      Give a cozy bed for your cat aside from your bed~


Our purring cats may have furs but it doesn’t mean that they hate being all warm and snuggly. Keeping them cozy during the winter season is something a purr mom should always remember! Some cats don’t like being touched by their hoomans when sleeping so a bed to sleep in is an important must-have, you can also get your purr babies this self-warming cat bed to keep them all warm and snug all winter long~


  •       Help out your local animal shelter!


Cat shelters typically require assistance in caring for cats while they wait for their forever homes. Various shelters have various requirements. You can always give your local shelter a call to find out what they need or to see if they have an Amazon wish list. In addition, it can be difficult for cats in shelters to find new homes. Nevertheless, sharing adoptable kitties on social media can help spread the word. You can also consider sponsoring or even fostering an older cat or one that has spent a lot of time at the shelter until they can find a home.

  •       Cook a special treat for your cat!


Make your cat a special supper with all of its favourite foods! To create a feast that your chonky cat would adore, look for recipes online that use cat-friendly foods. You could also prepare a few extra meals to give to local stray cats.

  •        Spoil your Catto with some new furniture! 


Consider purchasing new cat furniture if you want to spoil your cat a little more. There are many countless forms of cat furniture available, such as a cat tree. Larger cat trees can serve as a safe haven for one or more cats, as scratching posts, or as lookout perches at various heights. Use this month as an opportunity to shower more attention on your cat. 



Give your cat all the loving and caring that they deserve and you will receive it back from them. Our purring masters are a big part of our lives, but their lives revolve around us, this month of December is made for all of us to remember to always treat them with love and treat them not just as animals but to treat them as our life companions.