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It's National Take your pet to work day! What will you do with your pet on this special day?

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National bring your pet to work day is such an amazing move for inclusivity for workers who don't have kids and have pets instead! If you've got no clue how you would celebrate this odd but important event, worry not! We're here to help you have ideas for fun activities that you might want to try with your fur baby.

Give Them A Cozy Home

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After a long day spent with you at work, your pet would surely want to get cozy and rest for another day of being cute. Make sure that you get your fur baby something cozy to sleep on and ditch that old, crusty pet bed! It can be a new pet bed, a new mat or anything that can keep your pet cozy. You can also bring this at your office so your pet won't be too afraid and anxious of the new surroundings.

Throw A Pet Party

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You can do this with all your co-workers who've got pets as well! You can plan this before the day of bringing your pet to work and you celebrate it by exchanging teeny gifts for our little pets! It's a fun way to give to other fur babies!

Host A Pet Adoption

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Some workplaces may allow a pet adoption to take place on National Take Your Pet to Work Day. Reach out to your local shelter in advance and see if arranging this is paw-sibble. That way you can get more fur babies in new homes!

No matter how you want to celebrate Bring Your Pet to Work Day, make sure that you do it with your fur baby and that both of you are having a swell time.