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For Fur Parent's On-The-Go

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Travel hacks for your pet's 2022 adventure

Another year is ahead us all, another 365 days of adventure and fun with your favorite travel buddy! If you plan on taking your fur ball along with you then better get everything all set for them to have a swell time as you are and for you to have a convenient travel!

  1. Keep pets comfortable in a travel crate.

This step is very vital, especially if you are the one driving. In order to avoid accidents and distractions caused by your naughty little fur ball, it is best to keep them contained in a crate or any enclosed space dedicated for them when you hit the road.

  1. Make it easier to find your pet if they get lost.

A Bluetooth tracking collar can be quite useful when you plan to bring your pet along into the wilderness. You will never know the vitality of a contact number collar chain until you need it so better be safe and sorry and opt for either of these, or better yet, get your pet both!

  1. Keep your pet hydrated.

Pets easily get dehydrated when traveling so make sure to have an on-the-go travel water bottle handy. Make sure to give your pet water constantly, since our poor babies can't speak and tell when they are thirsty, it is up to us to figure that out.

  1. Never leave your pet in a car alone.

There are countless of tragic cases where owners leave their beloved pets even for a short time inside a hot car and it does not end well for their fur babies. Best to bring your pet along with you instead of leaving them inside your vehicle.

  1. Choose pet-friendly accommodations.

Some hotels and travel-ins are not pet-friendly so you have to plan ahead and look up for spaces where your pet can be well-accommodated as well as you are.