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Facts you probably don’t know about your pet

Photo of People Holding Siamese Cat and Chihuahua

Our little fur balls are our source of laughter, it is quite amusing how something so small can pack so much joy! But wait until you hear about all of the other things our beloved pooch has in store with this list of odd facts you probably haven’t heard of about your four-legged buddy.


They can tell time


While humans devised a physical tool that can help them tell what the time is, animals rely deeply on their instincts. They can tell the time by means of routines, feelings and their surroundings. For instance, they can tell that it is night time when their tummy rumbles and they await for their next meal time. Has your pet ever nagged you at the exact hour they’re supposed to eat? It’s because they know that it’s time!


Cats don't meow to each other


The wild undomesticated ancestors of cats do not meow but they roar. Studies have shown that cats replaced roaring for meowing since the sound of roaring is unpleasant and frightening for humans. The goal of a domesticated cat is to seem adorable and trusty to their masters, this is why they meow instead. It was also theorised that meowing is a cat’s attempt to mimic human baby cries. It is specially devised to communicate with humans. 

They stare because they love you


Have you had an intense staring competition with your beloved furball? Studies show that pets do this as a sign of adoration and respect towards their hoomans so if your pet stares at you all the time, it means it loves you so much!