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Did you know: Most Common Cat Mmyths

Kitten Lying on Surface

With the adorableness of our forever kittens coupled with their cute quirks, the world can’t help but make so-called facts about them be widespread but we’re here to break those myths for you!


All cats hate water


Some studies suggest that the reason most cats hate water could be because cats’ coats don’t dry very quickly, which can leave them feeling pretty uncomfortable and possibly cold. But for most sheltered cats who are warmed and dried up shortly after bathing, they love water splashing as much as they love fish!

Cats aren't loving like dogs


With the grumpy cat meme in the mix and other ‘no-care in the world’ cat videos circulating on the web, cats are deemed to be unloving and not quite sweet as dogs are. That is completely false! Puring is a vocal cue of a cat feeling comfortable and at ease with their hooman. They specifically developed that to let humans know that they indeed feel safe and sound around them, cats also show affection towards their owners in innumerable other ways and many do like to be stroked and patted.


Cats have nine lives


Cats are as slick as… Well… cats. They have the talent to get out of sticky situations and survive life-threatening scenarios so this myth is truly a believable one but still, it is false! One theory suggests that this myth came all the way from the time of Ancient Egypt when they worship cats and deemed them powerful.