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Did you know? : Fun Facts About Your Cat 🐾 🐈

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Cats are fun but do you know what's even more fun? All the mysterious facts about them that we can unpack! Who knew something so small and furry can hold so many mysteries! If you want to learn more about your fur baby then better keep reading!

Cats can't move their jaws sideways

Cats are built to be carnivorous creatures, in short, they are meat eaters in nature. This is why they have large, powerful muscles attached to the skull to strengthen the bite. The muscle's sole purpose is to tear into meat and flesh and it only moves up and down so they're jaws can't be moved sideways.

Cats can detect changes in air currents

Through their sensitive whiskers, cats have the ability to detect even the subtlest changes in air currents. Whiskers detect very faint vibrations caused by these changes in air currents and act like radar detectors. Apart from that, whiskers can alert a cat if either their prey or predators are close.

Cats have no collarbone

Cats are great hunters in the wild so over time they developed physical attributes that help them to be better at catching their prey. The absence of a collarbone allows cats to effortlessly stride and extend their limbs longer and therefore move faster.