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Christmas Tips For Pet Owners


The holiday season is upon us. Do you have any idea what to buy for your fluffy life companion? So, how about a new dog or cat at to wear this winter? it would be a unique gift that not only your dog would enjoy wearing, but will also keep them comfy! But the best Christmas present for your pet would be to guarantee his safety, hence we've compiled some Christmas safety advice for pets.

With a hectic schedule over Christmas and New Year's, it can be tough to notice what your dog and cat are up to. You never know when they have ingested a small decoration, torn up the presents under the tree, or ran out of the home and got frostbite!

There are a lot of things to consider to celebrate a holiday that is safe for your cat and dog, so keep reading cause we’re only giving you the best tips!

Remember the fireworks! 


Keeping your cat and dog away from loud noises is a good way to keep them calm. Whether it's the sound of fireworks or party poppers, provide them with a peaceful spot away from continual noise, such as a den, kennel, puppy enclosure, or bedroom. If you're hosting, remember to make time for your cats and dog. Our canine and feline companions can easily become overwhelmed or worried, so it's critical to give them a peaceful place to relax.

Be careful around Christmas trees! 


The Christmas tree can be seen as one big shiny toy by your cats and dogs, so it is important that all the ornaments are hung high as our fur balls enjoy playing with baubles and tinsel, but if consumed, they can be harmful to your pet's digestive system, whether you bring a live Christmas tree home or put up the same artificial tree every year, taking the effort to ensure it's safe will save you a lot of misery. Investing in a sturdy tree stand and tightly screwing the tree into the stand can keep your tree from tipping over if a curious cat tries to climb the limbs.

If you bring a live tree home, make sure the water in the base is kept clean. If the water remains stagnant, a thirsty cat may unwittingly consume deadly microorganisms.

Hide the wires!

Twinkling tree lights add seasonal warmth to any home, but if your cat chews on them, they can induce electric shocks, jaw injury, or intestinal blockages. When decorating, ensure sure any wires are properly tucked away (or sealed off) to prevent your cat from being tangled in them. It's also a good idea not to leave your cat or dog alone on Christmas Day.

Avoid feeding them leftovers!

Nothing beats leftover roasties and turkey slices on Boxing Day, but don't offer any crumbs to your lovely cat and dog. Chocolate, mince pies, Christmas pudding, raisins, onions, and anything containing alcohol should be avoided by owners.

This is why, if you leave the table without cleaning the plates, make sure someone keeps a check on the mischievous fur balls to ensure they don't eat some leftovers on their own!


Having fun this holiday season is important but it is also important that you keep your cats and dogs safe during the Christmas season. We hope these tips help you enjoy a happy and safe holiday season with your pet. If you find them helpful, please share them with your friends and family.

Remember, it simply takes a little time and effort to maintain your pet's safety and happiness - the last thing you want is to spend your holidays at the vet with your beloved cat and dog.