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Build your Cat's Trust 🐱

Cats are very independent fur balls who like to keep to themselves, building trust with them is a little bit longer than building trust with doggos, but once you have established a strong link with them, they will turn into the softest, cuddliest, fur balls who wants to be with you all the time. 

Respect Your Cat’s Space 

If you have adopted a new cat or picked up a stray, rushing them to be cozy with you will not do the trick. Give them time and space to adapt to their new surroundings, they will most likely pick a spot to sleep and stay, for the time being, avoid invading their chosen spot! 

When they want your attention, they will slowly walk to you or purr or meow to call your attention. They will need time to adjust so be patient with these furballs~ 

Observe Their Body Language

As you give your cat time to adjust, they will slowly try to communicate with you when they think that you could be trusted. Observe their furry bodies~ If their legs are relaxed and or they let you see their belly while lying down, it means that they trust you and want you to be their hooman! 

But be patient as any rushed actions to them might scare them. If they are sitting up straight or sitting low hiding their paws you should give them more time to adapt.


Let Them Come To You!

Don’t rush a relationship! Once they trust you enough and you have built a trustworthy relationship with them, they will slowly approach you and would want you to pet them! Cats learn a lot just by watching, so even if you're not directly interacting with them, they're learning a lot about you just by watching you from a window perch or the couch. Allow them to observe your movements, smells, and sounds!


Discover Your Cat’s Tolerance For Being Touched

Take a cautious approach to your cat to know when or how your cat likes to be touched. They are too cute not to pet but don’t be too aggressive on them as you might scare these little fur balls~ Be aware of where they like to be touched, and avoid poking or teasing them as this might get them angry 😾


Give Your Cat Choices 

Forcing your cat to do something they don’t want while trying to build trust with them is not the way to go. If it’s a spot in your house to sleep or a spot to spend their time awake, let your cat do what they want to do, allowing your cat to choose what they want to do will boost their confidence. Cats become stressed when they have no control over their surroundings, and they prefer to have choices about when, what, where, how, and with whom they interact.


Be Predictable 

Avoid making any rushed movements that might startle or scare your cats. As your cat is observing your every move to learn about you, they might feel threatened when you do stuff aggressively. Don’t run over them or stomp angrily at the floor. Some cats are very laid-back and don't mind what's going on around them; they can nap through anything. However, with a more sensitive kitty, this is an excellent opportunity to teach children about empathy to try and care for all beings around them. 


Use Positive Reinforcements To Reward Positive Interactions

When your cat has trusted you already and wants to be with you or play with you, you can give them something in return to ensure a strong bond. Every positive behaviour can be rewarded with treats, a consoling voice, play, or even petting. Consistently providing positive reinforcement will help you gain your cat's trust and let her know when she's done something right.

Forcing or rushing a relationship with your cat will only make them scared of you, be patient, and give them time and space to slowly know that you only want what’s the best for them. Loving these smart fur balls will be rewarding and will make your life even better.