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Black Cat Awareness Month (Halloween special)

Beware beware of the cuteness every black cat holds! It has become a superstition that black cats bring bad luck to whoever comes across them, but this is very very very untrue! Because these black furry balls are just as adorable as any other colour of cat! These October, the month of Halloween gives awareness to these remarkable cats~ 🖤


In so many cultures, if you have seen a black cat, it is said that misfortune will happen to you along the day but is it really true? Of course not! These furry balls can only give you a good time with their adorableness but sadly about 50% of black cats in shelters are less likely to be adopted because of the colour of their fur, a lot of people were also witnessed to have done many grim things to black cats during the Halloween season, and to raise awareness for the myths and superstitions about cats, the month of October have been given to them!

On a good note, in some cultures, such as in Egypt, our lovely black cats are seen as the ones that bring good luck, and in Scotland and in Japan, they are seen as creatures who represent prosperity in life. These special black cats are as special as other cats, the colour of their furs does not suggest that they are creatures who bring bad luck or misfortune to anyone, one should not blame their misfortunes on these furry black balls! 

Spread awareness about our furry black cats to stop the stigma about them being a sign of misfortune! And instead, spread how a lot of them are still in shelters not even given a chance to be loved by a hooman just because of their fur~ Let us all give love to cats equally~ 

Date with Pets greets you with a spooky Halloween with your furry cats!